Couple and relationship counselling

Are you feeling unhappy in your relationship or marriage?

In every relationship couples hit a rocky patch at some stage due to number of reasons e.g.

  • Stress, depression and other health problems
  • Anger
  • Separation
  • Children/  families
  • Financial problems
  • Work
  • Power structure / control
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual problems
  • Cultural or religious conflicts
What is couples / relationship counselling?

Couples or relationship counselling is working with a couple or an individual who is having difficulty in their relationship and are

  • Considering getting married
  • Experiencing family conflicts due to culture or religion
  • Wanting to explore their problems
  • Wanting to work at making changes
  • Wanting help to get their relationship back on track
  • Or are perhaps considering separation or divorce.
Who can access couples / relationship counselling?
  • You can  come with a partner
  • You can come alone
  • You are gay or heterosexual
  • You are married or single
  • Or having difficulty in forming a relationship
Niru's aim is to..

  • Be neutral / not to take sides in couple therapy 
  • Offer respect, be empathic and remain none judgmental
  • Offer a safe and confidential setting
  • Explore difficulties and conflicts
  • Offer a different perspective
  • Look at suitable options and strategies
  • Provide cultural appropriate understanding

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