Eating Disorders Counselling

Eating disorders, such as compulsive overeating, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, obesity, failed dieting affect people in every walk of life. There are millions of men and women suffering from chaotic eating disorders, perhaps harbouring persistent weight problems, obsession with food and weight who need help to beat their symptoms. Most women and many men are concerned with what they eat and how they look, and many people do strange things to control their weight.
Whether or not you have an eating disorder depends upon how you THINK, FEEL and BEHAVE.

Thoughts- what do you THINK about food, eating, your weight and your body?
Do you obsess about everything you eat, your weight, have bad thoughts, compare yourself with others, have lot of very strict rules about what you should or should not be eating?   

Feelings -How do you Feel about your eating habits?  
Feel depressed, guilty, anxious and frightened?
Feel fat even though your friends say you are okay, hate yourself, feel scared of eating normally and feel helpless around food?

Behaviour -How do you behave with food?
Do you eat normally in front of others, binge in secret, exercise excessively and starve yourself.
Vomit, use laxatives, slimming pills and always on or off a diet and constantly checking your weight. You recognise that your behavior is not normal - even perhaps dangerous to your health.  
Where behaviour is concerned, many people lose sight of what is normal. Some people who behave dangerously with food are in denial about how serious their problems really are. But some people who have a serious eating disorder think they have no right to seek help because they aren't "bad enough". 

TYPES of Eating Disorders

Binge / Compulsive eating disorder

Over eat in secret, either all or some of the time, think and anguish about food and feel out of control around certain foods. Recognise that your eating habit isn't normal and feel guilty after eating. Constantly trying to lose weight, prevent yourself from gaining weight and ultimately failing

You may have any of the following?

Bulima. You are probably suffering from Bulimia if in addition to some of the above features, you are normal or slightly overweight and you vomit or take laxatives to get rid of unwanted calories whether you have binged or not

Anorexia.You are probably suffering from a form of Anorexia if you are normal weight or underweight and feel fat or are terrified of weight gain .Very fearful of eating and may be hearing voices telling you to keep eating less. Vomiting or taking laxatives after normal meals, snacks or any binge

Causes.The exact cause remains unknown but some Doctors think that it may be some biological or influencing factors, combined with an experience that may provoke the disorder, plus other factors that encourage the condition to continue. 

  • There may be family history of eating disorders, depression or substance misuse.
  • You're criticised for your eating habits, body shape or weight
  • Under pressure to be slim from society or for a job (for example ballet dancers, models or athletes)
  • Have certain characteristics, for example, having an obsessive personality,  anxiety disorder, low self-esteem or being a perfectionist
  • Particular experiences, such as sexual or emotional abuse or the death of someone special
  • Difficult relationships with partner, family or friends
  • stressful situations, e.g. bullying, problems at work, school or university

Counsellor Niru Can Help You

Niru would work in Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy (ECBT), Mindfulness or Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing(EMDR) approach. These are evidence based therapies for adults with eating disorders. It is known that about two thirds of people who complete therapy have a good response as long as they make this their priority.

Niru will offer you her experience of working with eating disorders and work with you by exploring what is keeping the eating problem on going. Psychologically, at the root of an eating disorder there may be a combination of a number of issues.  In therapy firstly, you will be able to address the underlying problems, gain better understanding of your eating problem, the affects it has had on you and how you can manage it in the future.  Niru will be able to tailor the therapy to your specific eating problem and your needs. She can help you to build a good relationship with food and be a healthy weight which is central to your physical and emotional well-being.

Working to address your specific eating problem can involve up to 20 sessions or more. 1st session is assessing your needs and discusing your expectations of counselling therapy.. Niru will be able to inform you of what is involved in managing your eating problem.

For more information contact Niru Campbell counsellor 07776 220 437 or e-mail - Click link in session/rate page.

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