Depression & Post Natal Depression

Depression It's normal to feel low and depressed when you experience life stresses such as relationship problems, debt, unemployment and bereavement. When a person is depressed their thoughts become negative, affects the way they feel and behave. You can feel sad, guilty and a sense of hopelessness. There is loss of interest, lack of motivation, disturbed sleep and change in appetite. Depression is a very common disorder, yet often goes untreated, resulting in immeasurable suffering for an individual as well as family and friends. Depression is treatable with medication and counselling.
 Are you feeling depressed or low in mood, nobody understands how you feel, you feel alone, isolated and need to talk in confidence.
Counsellor Niru can help you to deal with your depression by working with a CBT approach by looking at the way you think, feel and behave and mindfulness. This may involve making some suitable changes that will help you.  Niru will offer you support, be sensitive, understanding of you problems and  help you to look at management strategies. Are you willing to change how you feel and take control of your life?

In case of emergency contact your GP or Samaritans for support 0845 790 9090

Post Natal Depression-(PND) Having a baby is a very emotional experience. Post natal depression is a distressing condition experienced by at least one in ten women after having a baby. Sometimes it can begin during pregnancy but it would only be called post natal depression if it continues after you have had a baby. PND is very similar to ordinary depression, you experience similar symptoms as above and added feelings of being tearful, anxious, tense, lonely, trapped and exhaustion. Doctors think that the sudden changes in hormone level around the time of birth or an experience of a traumatic birth and upheaval of a new baby can affect a woman. In the first instance you need to consult your GP and speak to your health visitor.

PND is treatable with medication and counselling. You don't have to be alone or be ashamed of how you are feeling. Having a baby is a life changing experience.

How can Niru's Counselling can help You? 

Niru can offer you her experience of working with PND. She will be  sensitive to your needs, offer you support and help you to deal with your experience. You will be able to discuss your feelings in confidence, in a safe setting and not be judged.

Association for post natal illness- for women experiencing depression following child birth- 0207 3860868 or NHS Direct 0845 4647


For more information contact Niru Campbell counsellor 07776 220 437 or e-mail - Click link in session/rate page.

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