Bereavement Counselling / Loss Counselling

Bereavement is an experience of loss after a death of someone close to you. Loss can include a breakdown of family, death of pets, loss of job, loss of anything else you have attachment to and any major changes in your life. Grief is a reaction to loss and can occur in many forms and stages.  In grief a person feels deep devastation, emotional and physical pain.

Niru has experience of working with loss and bereavement issues. She would work in a person centered approach, respect your feelings, be empathic, offer you support and offer you space to share your feelings of loss and grief in confidence without being judgmental. Talking can help.

Bereavement by Suicide - There might be number of reasons why a person may want to end their life. Bereavement by suicide is different. Since the death is self-chosen and self-inflicted, there are unanswerable questions of why, how, only if and what if. There is a feeling of shock, disbelief, anger and guilt

How can Niru help You?

You can talk to Niru in confidence; she will offer you her experience of working with people who have experienced bereavement through suicide. Niru can offer you support, explore your painful feelings and help you to survive through your overwhelming feelings of loss and grief.

Bereavement advice- CRUSE HELPLINE 0844 477 9400 or

For more information contact Niru Campbell counsellor 07776 220 437 or e-mail - Click link in session/rate page.

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